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Shopee Challenge: GeniX

Shopee is the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, connecting consumers, sellers, and businesses across the region. 

My Role: User Interface Designer


Shopee wanted participants to design a new feature or improvise a current feature that can enhance user's shopping experiences on the Shopee's app.

Key Agenda
1. Exclusivity: Creating a personalised and exclusive experience for Shopee's users
2. Crossover: Solving the ease of use to attract more non-tech savvy users

Project Time
This given task was done in 12 days from requirement gathering to final interaction prototype deliverables.

The Problem: Lack of personalised experiences and exclusivity.

The lifestyle of the average person today has greatly changed compared to before. They often feel uncomfortable and find it time-consuming to visit a crowded mall. Online shopping has proven itself to offer shoppers a multitude of choices 24/7 at their own comfort anytime, anywhere.


However, as Singapore’s e-commerce landscape is much smaller compared to its regional neighbors, various reputable platforms have been using different strategies to attract consumers. To date, they are still unable to provide a personalized shopping experience for the consumer which allows them to narrow down the displayed content to their preferred categories.


Our proposed feature allows the user to easily navigate through the ocean of products and facilitates purchases. It is a game-changer for Shopee to set the bar of being a customer-centric platform, where customers come first! 

Portfolio - HiFi - Shopee.jpg
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